Dear Colleagues

More than a year has passed since the last Medical Biodefense Conference and much has happened. While the Coronavirus pandemic continued to challenge the world, additional reports of Monkeypox outbreaks in several countries made headlines and fueled public health concerns once again. However, most importantly, recent years have demonstrated the importance of working together to be collectively prepared to combat old and novel diseases alike. In this context, the field of medical biological defense has continued to make significant contributions in the scientific world, even in politically turbulent times.

It is therefore with great pleasure that we can invite you today to join us for the 18th Medical Biodefense Conference which will be held October 22 – 25, 2023 in Munich, Germany.

The 18th MBDC will address challenges and new developments in medical biodefence including pandemics and pandemic preparedness through plenary sessions, poster exhibitions and workshops. After SARS-CoV-2 was the main topic in the last two years, we aim to have a broad representation of all areas of medical biodefense research in 2023 again. Therefore, please contribute to our scientific program with your latest knowledge and the results of your research! Of course, the program will also include keynote lectures by renowned national and international experts in medical biological defense.

Join us for two and a half days full of inspiring talks and exciting poster presentations that will provide ample opportunities to share and discuss new ideas, methods and strategies to prepared us for the challenges that surely lie ahead. For together we are stronger!

Please note, that this event will be held on-site only. For more details and future updates, please visit our conference website at any time.

My team and I, we are looking forward to seeing you!!

Kind regards,

Prof Roman Wölfel, MD, PhD, DTMH
Colonel and Institute Director